I grew up eating literally all day long and didn’t even understand what it meant to be full. I lived off of cereal and toast and my favourite takeout food was KFC, and I ate takeout very regularly. Chips and cookies were my choice of snack.

Now I certainly don’t blame my family because they didn’t know better at the time. But I took matters into my own hands and I encourage whoever else can relate to do the same.

I felt like absolute crap the majority of my days until about 22 years of age when I finally started doing my own research on what it meant to eat healthy. I experimented with a few things, I was the type to be easily influenced back then so I even tried going vegan, that lasted about a month. I would eat less thinking I was doing myself right. Then when I knew that wasn’t the way, I was just eating way too much of what my body didn’t necessarily thrive on.

Finally years later the secret was real food — what nature supplied. Animal protein and fats, some plants and fruit, and lots of water. I listened to my body’s signals (appetite, fatigue, energy) and adjusted it accordingly. It’s that simple.

Did it take some time to overcome my sugar addiction? Sure it did, my “cheat days” were so incredible because in my mind I only had this one day so I’d eat to the point of literally feeling sick and actually getting sick 🤢 addiction is real! I learned from that though, and the more I cut the sugar the less I craved it. And any time I do have it now I can’t take in too much, my body immediately signals when I don’t need any more.

I’ve reached such a magnificent place in my health and I’m so grateful. You can too if you just keep it simple and listen to your body.

By Kayla D’Aloia N.D.